Introduction to Quickstream - Video Over IP Distribution Software

Introduction to Quickstream

Quickstream is software that helps broadcasters, content owners, tv operators, and professionals to reliably and securely deliver video streams across IP networks. It can be used in unreliable local LANs where congestion is common, in private WAN or Internet. In all cases where low latency, high-quality streaming is required within or between facilities.

Quickstream consists of three major components: 

  • Quickstream Node - an application that is installed in the infrastructure where audio/video streams are sent or received

  • Quckstream Cloud - system to manage multiple Quickstream Nodes, configure distribution network, monitor network quality, and help broadcasters to easily establish connections within an organization or to partners

  • Quickstream Client - management application that connects to Quickstream Node and is used to configure and manage Quickstream Nodes. It can work in an offline environment. If you use Quickstraem Cloud you do not have to use Quickstream Client. 

Quickstrem Cloud can manage multiple Quickstream Nodes. Quickstream client and Quickstream Node can work in an offline environment without access to the cloud. Quickstream Nodes can also be controlled and monitored from the Quickstream platform.

Find out more how to start using Quickstream. 

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