Running Quicksteam Node service

Running Quicksteam Node service


Restarting Quickstream Node manager

It will restart Quickstream Node manager which is also know as Quickstream Wrapper. Without restarting channels.
  1. Check pid of qs-node process:
    $ ps aux | grep qs-node
  2. Kill this process:
    $ kill -9 <pid of qs-node process>
  3. Quickstream Node manager should restart normally. You should check if service is running and Quickstream Node is responding.

Checking status

$ systemctl status quickstream-node


$ systemctl start quickstream-node


$ systemctl stop quickstream-node


$ systemctl restart quickstream-node

Disabling service

$ systemctl disable quickstream-node

Enabling service

$ systemctl enable quickstream-node


Quickstream Node in Windows works as a service. You can manage it in various ways. For example by using Microsoft Management Console (services.msc), PowerShell, net command, etc. Recommended way to manage service is to use Microsoft Management Console (services.msc). It is very simple and easy to use GUI tool which is available in every Windows operating system. You can launch it by pressing Win Key + R (Run..) and entering services.msc command. After pressing OK. you should see services windows as shown below.

Now try to find service named Quicksteam Node Service. Then click on it using the right mouse button.

By using this submenu you can choose Start, Stop, Restart service. You can also disable service startup in Properties.

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